Dr. Bill Eberle

Dr. William Eberle is a Professor in the Department of Computer Science. He worked at MCI and the University of Texas at Arlington before coming to TTU. He is currently involved in several data mining research activities at TTU.

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Dr. Doug Talbert

Dr. Douglas Talbert is an Associate Professor of Computer Science. He worked at Lawrence Livermore National Lab and Vanderbilt University Medical Center before joining TTU. Research interests include machine learning, data mining, healthcare informatics, and human-computer interaction.

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Dr. Gerald C. Gannod

Dr. Gerald C. Gannod is Professor and Chair of the Department of Computer Science. His industrial experience includes time at the Suncorp Group, NASA, Unisys, and IBM. Prior to joining TTU, Dr. Gannod held appointments at Miami University and Arizona State University. His research interests include Agile software engineering, reverse engineering, enterprise systems, and data science.

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Jeffrey Graves

Ania Kaczka Jennings

Ramesh Paudel

Rina Singh

Sheikh Rabiul Islam

Niraj Rajbhandari

Serhat Sahin

Paul Tinker

Joe Bivens

Katie Brown

Kimberlyn Dunn

Levi Koger

James Park