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600 Marriott Drive · Nashville, Tennessee 37214 USA

Marriott offers free shuttle service to and from Airport. You can request a shuttle by calling: (615) 889-9300
The hotel has complimentary on-site parking.

Due to the overwhelming response, all available rooms at the Airport Marriott have been booked. Additionally some of the guests will be staying at the Courtyard Marriott. Free shuttles to and from the conference will be provided. More information about the Courtyard Marriott can be found here.

Attendees who register after January 28th, will need to make their own lodging arrangements. There are quite a few Nashville Airport area hotels nearby. Also, please note that we are not providing lodging for anyone before or after April 11.

Attendees who have registered on/before January 28th (and scholarships recipients), will be provided lodging by WiCyS organizers. You can pick up room key once you arrive at the registration desk. All students will share a room (with 2 double beds) with another student. Students can submit roommate request during registration. This also applies to Faculty with Scholarships.

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