Call for Participation

Submissions can be in any of these 3 tracks (Education, Research and Industry) in CyberSecurity. Topics can be related to career, graduate school, research, or education in the field of Cybersecurity.

All submissions are closed except student posters and resumes. We are still accepting submissions for student poster competitions. Submit an abstract about your work/project as a poster for a chance to win travel grant to a future security conference.

Submission of proposals for participation are in the following session categories:


If you have been involved in a research or educational project, internship, co-op, service-learning project, or other interesting experience related to cybersecurity, this is an opportunity to share that experience with others and perhaps inspire them to pursue similar opportunities.

Lightning Talks

These 5 minute talks are a fun way to relate an interesting experience or project in cybersecurity with a less technical approach than a full presentation. If you have something you can share, consider a lightning talk.


Have you worked on an interesting project related to cybersecurity at school? It’s easy to do a poster. Share your ideas and experiences with others. You may win travel award to attend in a security conference of your choice.

Birds-of-a-Feather (BOF) Sessions

If you would be interested in leading an informal discussion session on just about any topic related to cybersecurity, then consider offering a BOF session. These sessions can be a great way to share ideas and be introduced to current issues or trends in this area.


Panels provide opportunities to discuss a current relevant topic in Cybersecurity. Panel organizers are responsible for selecting appropriate panelists to participate. Aside from moderator, there can be up to 4 panelists. Submit all names and their affiliation info along with abstract.

Abstract submissions must be no longer than one page. Accepted submissions must be presented by at least one author. Abstract will be published in the conference program.

One can submit in more than one category.

All submissions are now CLOSED!

WiCyS (Free) Workshop Opportunities for Students and Faculty

Teaching Secure Coding for Introductory Programming Courses (CS0, CS1 and CS2) for Faculty

  • Target Audience: Faculty
  • Stipend: $100
  • Time: 2:00-4:30 PM April 11
  • Special Skills Required: Introductory programming in Java/C++/Python/Pseudo code
  • Laptop Requirements: WiFi Capable laptop with either Java, C++, Python

The ACM CS2013 curriculum includes Information Assurance and Security as a pervasive knowledge area. However, introducing security in lower level courses is challenging because of lack of appropriate teaching resources and training. We will introduce attendees to secure coding through hands-on exercises, and provide self-contained, lab-based modules designed to be injected into CS0-CS2 with minimal impact on the courses. These lab modules have been evaluated using large-scale quasi-experimental strategies and have found to be effective at the CS0/CS1/CS2 level. Participants will be encouraged to bring in their own syllabus and labs to modify to include secure coding concepts.
Space is limited to 20. Please apply HERE.

Security Competition Workshop for Students

  • Target Audience: Students
  • Stipend: Awards will be given for most collaborative, most creative, most items found, and best write-up.
  • Time: 2:00-4:30 PM April 11
  • Special Skills Required: None
  • Laptop Requirements: A laptop with a Remote Desktop client installed is required.
  • Do you dream of reading packet captures? Is rm -rf your personal mantra? When you watch The Matrix are you Trinity? Even if none of that applies to you, but you have an interest in cybersecurity competitions, you will not want to miss this workshop. The security competition workshop will provide insight into nature of security competition and offer a hands-on experience with a cybersecurity scavenger hunt. The scavenger hunt consists of individual challenges to be solved in order to earn scavenger hunt items. You do not have to solve all of the challenges to be successful. You can pick and choose which challenges to complete in any order you wish. You will need to document all of the steps you take during the game in order to earn the items. The game is yours to master. You will need to employ non-linear thinking, ingenuity, basic Linux administration, cryptography and network security principles. You can work alone or with other players. So bring your friends!
    Space is limited to 20 players.

Facilitating Active Learning in Cybersecurity Workshop for Faculty

  • Target Audience: CS Faculty
  • Stipend: $150
  • Time: 2:30-4:30 PM April 12
  • Special Skills Required: None
  • Laptop Requirements: A laptop is required.
  • If you are a CS faculty member who is interested in incorporating security related lab assignments in your security or CS courses (C++ programming and/or software engineering and/or networks and/or database and/or operating systems), this is the workshop for you! We will demonstrate hands-on assignments in security to facilitate active learning with freely available resources. Space is limited to 12 participants.

Discovering Cybersecurity Workshop for Students

  • Target Audience: Aspiring Students in Security
  • Stipend: $100
  • Time: 2:30-4:30 PM April 12
  • Special Skills Required: None
  • Laptop Requirements: A laptop will be provided.
  • This workshop is intended to introduce participants to the field of cybersecurity and opportunities within. It will focus on engaging participants in hands on activities so that participants catch a glimpse of typical responsibilities held by a security professional.