Invest in Diversity

Diversity Matters!

“Diverse group almost always outperforms the group of the best by a substantial margin.” – Scott E. Page

Diversity brings together variety of experience, perspective, knowledge and skill to find more and better solutions to challenging problems. And this is precisely what the complex problem space of cybersecurity needs… diverse thinkers with diverse perspective to analyze and address these challenging problems and find innovative complementary solutions.

Participate in the WiCyS Career/Graduate School Fair to provide opportunities for:

  • internships
  • part-time employees
  • full time employees
  • research apprentices
  • graduate students
  • post docs
  • SFS scholars
All levels of sponsorship (starting at $500) ensures a booth in Career/Graduate School fair along with other benefits. See HERE

WiCyS also offers organizations (academic and industry) the option to participate in Career/Graduate School fair only for $350, which ensures a booth with 1 representative and One Day only registration with lunch (no lodging for Friday). Register HERE